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Ben Braiman

CEO / COO, Product Manager




Portfolio site:

A Bit About Me

My passion is divided between gaming, moviemaking, technology and business.

I'm a people person who loves learning new things and working in teams on big projects.

Work Experience

April 2022 - Present

April 2022 - Present

December 2021 – March 2022

Double Jump JLM Co-Op -  Jerusalem, Israel

Unity Technical Artist and Product Management  

I started working as a generalist and  moved to product management.

Freelance work -  Jerusalem, Israel

Motion, 3D animation, and more.

Worked on serval projects - Compositing for a short 2D animated movie called NOOL, cleaned some motion capture animations for the Hive Studio (Xspace). until we started Double jump, I also took a short 3D modeling course in Blender and also participated on a product management course in Hands on Games.

Kan 11 -  Jerusalem, Israel

Motion design and graphics for the news.

I did it mostly with Adobe After Effects. 

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